Pros and Cons ofBuying Instagram likes


There are certain things that you have to consider in buying Instagram likes. You have to know the pros and cons before buying. This way, you will have an idea on when, where and how to buy Instagram likes.

The Pros of buying

Here are some of the advantages when buying Instagram likes.

  • More followers. The more likes you have, the better the engagement with the viewers and followers. When they know that the photos and the videos you uploaded have gained a lot of likes, they will be interested and you need to engage them as well so that you can gain more followers from their friends.
  • High SEO Rankings. This will help boost your SEO dramatically when you buy Instagram likes. Once the search engines think your brand or business becomes popular, it will enhance your rankings in the long run.
  • More traffic. Once you bought a lot of likes, you will build more traffic in instagram. The more traffic you get, the more followers or viewers you will attract. In time you will findĀ useful to attracting buyers to your home.

The Cons of buying

Here are some of the disadvantages when buying Instagram likes.

  • Low engagement. When you buy Instagram likes, you are buying random likes from people or likes from robots. When the brands look at your engagement, there will be discrepancies in the number of likes interaction.
  • Loss of Reputation. Buying Instagram likes maybe a good or bad thing. But at the end of it, it is essentially lying to the public where you get spam likes instead of real likes. In terms of expanding your brand or business, there might be a risk when you buy Instagram likes instead of having real likes from your followers.
  • Instagram purges. There was a great Instagram purge way back 2014 where their numbers drop and became obvious who got real likes and fake likes. This might happen again in the future.


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